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Tax Controversies: Practice and Procedure
Leandra Lederman
and Stephen W. Mazza                   

This soft cover Tax Controversies  volume, subtitled  "Statutes, Regulations, and Other Materials" provides a user-friendly compilation of the statutes, regulations, rules, forms, publications, and other materials useful in a tax procedure course or tax clinic.   

The 3rd edition of Tax Controversies: Statutes, Regulations, and Other Materials is sold separately from the casebook, and may be used with or without the casebook.  To purchase it, click here.  The third edition (2006) is the current edition.  The following is a summary table of contents:

PART I: Internal Revenue Code (Selected Sections)
PART II: Treasury and Internal Revenue Service Regulations (Selected Sections)
PART III: Constitution of the United States of America (Selected Provisions)
PART IV: United States Code Other than Title 26 (Selected  Sections)
PART V: Rules of Practice and Procedure of the United States Tax Court (Selected Provisions, including selected provisions of recently proposed amendments)
PART VI: Rules of United States Court of Federal Claims (Selected Provisions)
PART VII: Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (Selected Provisions)
PART VIII: Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure (Selected Provisions)
PART IX: Federal Rule of Evidence 408
PART X:  Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure (Selected Provisions)
PART XI: Miscellaneous Materials
PART XII: Internal Revenue Service Forms (Selected)
PART XIII: Internal Revenue Service Publications (Selected)

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