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Tax Controversies: Practice and Procedure, 2nd ed. & Supplements; Statutory Volume
Leandra Lederman and Stephen W. Mazza
The Tax Controversies: Practice and Procedure set of books consists of a Casebook (currently in its 2nd edition); accompanying Teacher's Manual; and a Statutory Volume (currently in its 3rd edition).  The 3rd edition of the Statutory Volume, published in 2006, is available for use with or without the casebook.  The 2006 Supplement to the second edition of the casebook is the current supplement; a 2007 Update Letter is available on this website.  The Casebook is listed in the on-line Lexis catalogue.  

The Casebook is designed for use in any course with a focus on tax procedure or tax litigation.  Twelve chapters cover civil tax controversies, two cover criminal tax procedure, and two chapters are specifically designed for use in skills courses and tax clinics.  The accompanying Teacher’s Manual is detailed and explanatory.  

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